Heaven network is a decentralized peer-to-peer currency that offers a more efficient, cost-effective and transparent method for transaction settlement and exchange. It is designed to support strong privacy guarantees on every transaction. We provide a next generation blockchain bridge that provides custodian level security with real interoperability, allowing instant hops across chains at a click. Our DEX Exchange is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity aggregator, designed to create a seamless trading experience for anyone looking to exchange tokens.

We bring to you the best ICO and IDO list. The curated list of initial coin offering, both ongoing and upcoming, tells you all you need to know about the winning projects in front of us. We dig deep and try to learn all the tech details on investment opportunities in this space. Our platform combines the user-friendly features of a centralised platform with the entire universe of DeFi services. It will contain many products that will allow users to earn passive income and trade any token and NFTs.

Buy and Sell HEA

The Heaven Network company made the decision to migrate to the binance blockchain and to create the site in order to make the project evolve quickly.
We provide an innovative blockchain technology which enables user with fast transaction with full security and backed by dollars. Store, send and receive 1-to-1 pegged digital currency across exchanges, platforms, and wallets.

Our Vision

Heaven Network has been created with the vision to support artists in using the NFT technology as a new medium to bolster creativity. Heaven Network accompanies artists in the creation of their own collection of NFTs, with the aim to publicize their work digitally and to sell them eventually. We have launched our platform with the tradable token HEA in order to increase the visibility of our curated artists and to help fund the promotion of their work.

Stay Tuned

The roadmap of Heaven Network will be updated within six months. When this update takes place, our platform will add many practical and useful features. When such features are added many applications will be added to the HEA coin, making it even more valuable than before.


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John Morison

John Morison

CEO, CEX Specialist and Marketing
Olivier Duval

Olivier Duval

IDO Specialist, Visual Design and Sales Represantative
Albena Todorova

Albena Todorova

NFT Specialist, CSO and Marketing Consultant

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